“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
― Frances Hodgson Burnett

I have grown up observing how our behaviours impact our past, present, and the future. Among many of my observations about the human behaviour, one observation has been that of how communication influences how we feel towards something, and more significantly in this age of social media and networks, how we feel towards a fellow human being.

Our reactions – positive or negative – aren’t right or wrong. It is subjective to several aspects of what we feel and hence they are neither right nor wrong. They nonetheless contribute to the optimism or pessimism someone else might feel, or endure for a long time. We react to what someone might share with us, influenced by the sum of our experiences, aspirations, and our personalities. These “influencing factors” do not allow stories or perspectives be what they are – simple stories and perspectives. There is always a colour and dash of judgement, assumption, and bias applied to what we hear before we understand.

Through this blog, and with the help of my friend Priscilla, I want to bring you viewpoints of friends, families, and strangers to the world around them, their ideal world, and things that make them happy. This is a collective of our spontaneous perspectives and stories of what we see – the world and what we ideally imagine it to be.

Please read their points of view as they are; they are after all just that – another viewpoint on what they see, and it nowhere intends to offend what you and I believe in.


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