Wandering Wanderlust – “My world should have people who try to be themselves, be together, and think of others’ good.

The world she sees:

“I see good things. I don’t like to see poverty. I like to see people laughing, the togetherness. I like to see positives. The positives I have seen are people smiling at me randomly for no reason at all; I see a kid walking down the road. I have seen people talking to themselves. So many things.”

Her ideal world:

“Sigh… Ideal world. I want my ideal world to be one where people aren’t frustrated. Sadness, you know is different. But I think I don’t want to see people frustrated or completely dejected by life. Sadness is fine. People can be sad for their own reasons. People should be fine with their lives. They should not expect the moon, they should do what they normally do and also aspire. Recently, I read The Alchemist where it was mentioned that if you want something, the universe will conspire to give that to you. It is as simple as that. If someone wants something, it should be worked for. My ideal world should not have people pulling down someone else to get what they want. My world should have people who try to be themselves, be together, and think of others’ good.”

What makes her happy:

“I like jumping around. I like nature. I love watching the moon; I love full moon nights. I like going to the beach. I love travelling. Ummmm… What makes me happy? Surprisingly whenever I have thought about such things men in my life have never been a part of it but now, my husband makes me happy. My mom who is an angel makes me happy. I think the surroundings make me happy. Seeing my friends achieving whatever they aspire to achieve make me happy. Cycling makes me happy.”


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