Voyager Extraordinaire – “I see a world full of contradictions”

The world he sees:

“When I look around me, what I see is a world full of contradictions. There is birth. There is death. There is joy. And there is pain. Laughter and tears. Sunshine and rain. Love and hate. Good and bad. It’s a world full of contradictions and confusions. I am still trying to make sense of everything and trying to adjust my tune to the tunes of the world around me so there is harmony on the whole.

Life is not standard. There are ups and downs. Good times and bad times. Joy and pain. But then all this together makes this cycle called life complete.”

His ideal world:

“I am not idealistic. I was. Now I learnt not to be. But since you ask, here goes : My ideal world would be a place where people co exist peacefully. Where love and happiness abounds. Where you can do things you fancy without having to worry about anything around you. I am a believer in Osho, so that is my idea of an ideal world. The happiness that he professes is the solution for all the ills in this world.”

What makes him happy:

“Traveling. Meeting new people. Exploring new territories. Making a difference in someones life. In short living life to my fullest and making it meaningful for myself and for those around. When I am able to do that I think I will be the happiest. I know I sound very generic but then I really mean it.”


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