Spotless Mind – “The rain you didn’t see coming”

The world she sees:

“The world to me is a gorgeous sum of imperfections. Its the rain you didn’t see coming, the breeze you weren’t expecting and the flowering plant just when you thought all hope was lost. A place where the optimist, the atheist, the saints, sinners, birds and bees are in their own way responsible for bringing method to madness and helping the world go round.”

Her ideal world:

“The ideal world would be one that is devoid of judgement. Where understanding and awareness trumps egotism, and, differences are celebrated and met with enthusiasm.”

What makes her happy:

“Books – for their ability to teach, take you places and leave you in awe of the creative genius a human mind is capable of. Conversation – to be able to connect with someone, whether its an acquaintance or an old friend. But not the WI-FI enabled online jabber of posts, likes and tweets; the real world conversations where two people share ideals, read emotions, extend a hug and really laugh out loud without care. And Chocolate – enough said!”


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