Neo Pacifist – “Everyone should just be nice and loving!”

The world she sees:

“When I look around me, at my environment around the world I see a clear dichotomy in the way we live. I see the good like – children, animals, pets, nature, loved ones, families, couples, love, abundance, wealth, food, talent but on the flip side there is so much poverty, filth, rage, inconsideration, hypocrisy, insensitivity, barbarism, deceit, heartbreak, sickness! I just wonder when will the two overlap and the disparity reduce. It is a weird world we live in, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes horrific!

There are days where I see only good things, joy, simplicity, happiness even in the smallest things and there are days when despite blessings being around, I cannot shake off focusing on the bad, like traffic, insensitivity, fights!”

Her ideal world:

“In an utopian world, I would imagine everyone being more loving, giving, sensitive, forgiving, happy, understanding and transparent with respect for one and all! I hate confrontation, I hate people being mean, everyone should just be nice and loving!”

What makes her happy:

“So many sights make me happy! Babies, animals, love being displayed, smiles from people, a cool breeze, a good road, lots of trees, my family, my pet Neo!”


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