The Observer – “Happiness is solitude or good food”

The world she sees:

“The world around me is full of people, their lives, their stories. It is how you start independent without inhibitions, without any biases. It is how you carve your niche, and how you make people like you and be socially acceptable with their own stories and your own stories to go.

What I also see are people who are unhappy and people are still finding whatsoever position they are in people are still finding it difficult to have their say or have their happiness, be it rich or poor.”

Her ideal world:

“My perfect, or ideal world would be whereby there are no rules or regulations formed by some body. We live in our own peace and harmony. If I want to do something I would do it. I should have that much sense if it affects or hurts someone else, I wouldn’t do it. I don’t need a third person to tell me that. In my world there would not be a third person to tell me something or to judge me, for that matter. It would be live and actually let live.”

What makes her happy:

“Solitude makes me happy. For example, I am at a beach where I can see people but they are not very close to where I am. And also, eating good food or watching people enjoy eating good food; typical sunday brunch; Karan Johar movies; families hanging out together; sitting at a coffee shop; reading a book; and realizing and being thankful that whatever shit that I have been through, there are people who are going through something worse.”


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